Sea Tripod Seafood Paradise is a unique fine-dining steamed seafood restaurant nestled along New Bridge Road, offering a galore of fresh and imported seafood including abalones, sea urchins, scallops, razor clams, oysters, lobsters, yellow roe crabs, tiger prawns, sea cucumbers and many more.


Sea Tripod’s dining concept is one that focuses on quality and freshness of sea produces, allowing customers to enjoy the nutrients and natural goodness of these products using the best possible cooking method – steaming. The food is cooked right before diners’ eyes using our state of the art / fully retractable automatic steaming equipment (First in Asia and Singapore), ensuring our customers a great and pleasant dining experience. The steaming method also puts a lot of emphasis on the quality and freshness of the seafood, which is what our philosophy of serving only the freshest and best quality seafood to our diners is all about!


Our signature Australian Jade Tiger Abalone – supplied by CMG Australia, is among the best quality seafood that you can find at Sea Tripod, produced and harvested on environmental friendly and sustainable standards. One can only try this signature fresh and succulent dish otherwise in Australia!


In addition to the variety of fresh sea produces, Sea Tripod also serves up quality meat ingredients and assorted green vegetables, including our Japanese Purple Sweet Potato. The bottom section of the steaming pot on each table is our Shark Bone / Chicken porridge, fully cooked with the essence and nutrients of the fresh sea produces that trickle down the pot after hours of steaming. To finish off the meal, try our specially crafted Signature Dessert that is both tasty and Instagram-worthy.


For a sumptuous, healthy and nutritious fresh seafood treat, please make your reservation today and head down to our outlet located right next to Dorsett Residence @ Outram Park MRT – Exit H to avoid disappointment!